Welcome to Harvard’s W3D website!

Harvard W3D: Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development is an innovative network dedicated to connecting and cultivating global leaders who work together toward sustainable peace. Founded in 2013, by three Harvard Kennedy School alumni, W3D aims to build trust and collaboration between the defense, diplomacy, and development sectors to create holistic policy decisions and solutions. Based on the knowledge that trusted relationships and inclusive groups are the key to real collaboration and positive change, W3D seeks to tap the under-utilized power of women as influential global leaders for sustainable peace through gender equality.

The mission of W3D is three-pronged: (1) cultivate women leaders; (2) build a trusted network of defense, diplomacy, and development experts; and (3) foster sustainable peace and security solutions. Our work centers on the three core guiding pillars:

  • Developing leaders by focusing on the individual through programs including professional training workshops, speakers series, and team building activities
  • Inspiring change by focusing on the network of peace and security communities, establishing a speakers bureau, and promoting women thought leaders
  • Engaging the world by focusing on the impact through the sharing and transfer of best practices, key perspectives, and innovative solutions.